Inbound : Visiting International Students

  • A visiting elective student can do a total maximum of eight (8) weeks, with no one elective extending longer than a maximum of four (4) weeks duration and no elective shorter than a minimum of two (2) weeks duration.
  • Applications must be received four (4) months prior to the requested start date.
  • Applications from a visiting student will not be accepted more than a year prior to the start of the elective.
  • S-MED will endeavor to notify the applicant at least eight (8) weeks prior to the start date of the elective as to whether nor not an elective placement has been found.

Part A

Part B

  • Submit your Part A application to
  • Receive notification from staff that your application was accepted/denied.
  • Wait to see if you receive a placement.
  • Decisions will be made around 4-6 weeks prior to start of desired elective months.
  • Confirm you receive a placement and choose to accept.
  • Submit your Part B application to
  • Once your Part B application is received and reviewed, the process for your elective will start.
  • Elective Attendance Fee:
    • Student Enrollment: 4,000 Baht
    • Tuition Fee
      • Department of Community Medicine and Family Medicine 12,000  Baht for 1-3 weeks
        • If longer than 3 weeks add 4,000 Baht per additional week
      • Other Department 6,000 Baht for 1-3 weeks
        • If longer than 3 weeks add 2,000 Baht per each additional week

This amount is payable upon your arrival. It does not cover medical insurance, housing and meals.

There is no fee charged for visiting international students under approved international schools

Medical School Uniform : (See example below)

  • Shirt/Blouse :
    • White or light – colored
    • Longer short sleeves
    • Collar
    • Dress shirt
  • Slacks : Dark colour (Black), Tailored
  • Skirt : Professional
    • Jeans, sweat pants, shorts are prohibited
  • Shoes :
    • Black or brown leather
    • White sneakers
    • Boots, sandals and open-toe foot wear are prohibited
    • Avoid noisy footwear
  • Belts : Black required for uniform