1. Application for Visa

          Foreigners who wish to study or do an internship in Thailand must apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa Category “ED” at the Royal Thai Embassies or Royal Thai Consulates-General in their home/residence country or at the designated Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General. They must identify the specific location of the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate where they wish to apply for a Non-Immigrant “ED” visa and they must provide the following documents to the Faculty of Medicine:

    • Copy of the passport with a validity of not less than 6 months
    • Recent photograph (4 x 6 cm) taken within the past 6 months
    • Resume/CV
    • Letter of Recommendation

          Foreigners who currently live in Thailand holding other types of visas e.g., Tourist Visa (“TR”), Visa Exemption (“P30”, “PP30”, “PP90”) may apply for a change of type of visa at the Chiang Mai Immigration Office. The granting of change of type of visa and extension of stay is at the discretion of the immigration officer.

          Foreigners with these types of visa below are not permitted to change or to grant for Non-ED Visa at Chiang Mai Immigration Office. They are required to apply for Non-ED Visa outside of Thailand.

    • Visa on Arrival (TR15)
    • Official Visa
    • Non-Immigrant Visa Category “F”, “O”, “R”

2. Visa Fee

          2,000 Baht for single entry and 5,000 Baht for multiple entries.

3. Visa Validity

          Single-entry and multiple-entry visas are valid for 3 months. Multiple-entry visas could also be valid for 1 year.

4. Period of Stay

          The holders of this type of visa are initially granted a period of stay in the Kingdom not exceeding 90 days from the arrival date.  The period of stay granted by the immigration officer is displayed on the arrival stamp.           

5. Extension of Stay

          Foreigners who wish to stay longer than such period may apply for extension of stay at offices of the Immigration. Those qualified persons can obtain an additional 1 year stay permit counting from the date of entry in the Kingdom pertaining to the Office of the Immigration Bureau’s regulations on extension of stay. The extension of stay is at the discretion of the Immigration officer.

6. Re-entry Permit

          A foreigner has to apply for a Re-entry Permit, in order to be allowed to leave and re-enter Thailand without his/her visa becoming void. In Thailand, a re-entry permit may be obtained at a Thai Immigration Office or at an International Airport. A single re-entry fee of 1,000 Baht is charged and a multiple Thailand re-entry fee of 3,800 Baht is charged.