Cobweb and Lightning

Cobweb and Lightning

by Prof. Prapassorn Phatikulsila, M.D.

Look at blue sky time or look at the wall of the room and see a point or a line that floats around like a cobweb, called a “floater”. Most people have floaters, but they don't usually notice. In addition to having more volume or clearer

In most cases, the floater is a degenerative process. which is natural Appearance will look like a spider's web. or flying insects May be seen as a jagged line, similar to the face. even though it's actually inside the eyeball When people get older vitreous which at a young age is a clear gel It will be contracted. detach from the retina and merged into a group within the eye things to see is the shadow of the vitreous group that obscures the retina which is the image receptor behind the eyeball

When the vitreous is peeled from the retina The vitreous may pull the retina, making it appear like lightning. or starburst Some people may have seen it if they've been stung in the eye socket. You will also be able to see scattered stars.

Floaters may obscure vision and interfere with vision. especially when reading a book You may need to roll your eyes up and down to move the floater out of your line of sight. Over time, the floaters will gradually fade away, although they will not completely disappear.

In some cases, blurred vision and flashes of light can be associated with a retinal tear. Because when the vitreous shrinks and detach from the retina May pull the retina to tear. which may cause serious problems is retinal detachment can cause blindness So if you see new floaters or see flashes of light. Should see an ophthalmologist immediately.