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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 09:41

Interesting case 3

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  Identification data: A 5-year-old Thai girl
Chief complaint: High-grade fever 4 days prior to admission
Present illness: Underlying systemic-onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis (SoJIA), she has been diagnosed since April, 2011. She presented with prolonged fever and recurrent generalized erythematous rash on right flank. After the test for infections and hematologic malignancies were negative, she received prednisolone 1 tab oral twice a day for treatment of JIA. Her clinical symptoms were improved. Then prednisolone was reduced to 0.5 tab oral once a day.

Monday, 24 September 2012 16:57

Reversible severe pulmonary hypertension in an infant

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CC : A 2-month-old male infant was referred to the cardiology service due to cardiomegaly

PI : 5 days before admission the baby was brought in the emergency department because of choking during feeding. Physical examination revealed no dyspnea,O2 sat 97%, HR 148/ min, RR 48/min, PSM grade 3/6 at LLSB and increased P2 intensity. No adventitious sounds of both lungs were heard. Chest X-ray showed cardiomegaly. A pediatric resident was consulted and the impression of VSD was made. The patient was scheduled to the pediatric cardiology clinic for the next 5 days.

PH:  Birth weight 2,200 gm. APGAR 10→10

Feeding: Absolutely breast feeding.  

Family history: 7/7, Hill-tribe baby.  Polished rice is the major food for mother. Mother also has history of numbness of hands and feet.


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