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5th year medical student


                Orthopaedic department, faculty of medicine, Chiang Mai University provides educational service for 5th and 6th year medical students. Teaching rotation is completely proceeded for whole year, 12 months medical rotation. The scope of orthopaedic surgery is orthopaedic trauma, adult reconstruction, hand surgery and paediatric surgery. The program is follow the medical council of Thailand. Our objective of teaching are graduation with fully knowlegde in general orthopaedic surgery for general physician.

Teaching schedule for 5th year medical student and attached files (pdf, ppt, video and word)

Common orthopaedic procedures (pdf, ppt, video and word)

               external splints: ankle bandage, skin traction, buddy splint, arm sling, wooden block splint, clavicular strap (figure of eight), Philladelphia collar and joint aspiration

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