Article Request Service

        The Article Request Service established from the cooperation between libraries of academic institutions under the Office of the Higher Education Commission, can be used to obtain materials needed for coursework and scholarly research which is not available at the Chiang Mai University’s Libraries. The users can request material (books, articles, and more), photocopies of documents from other libraries in the network, both in Thailand and overseas.

Who is eligible:
Academic staffs, Physicians, Graduate students, Staffs of Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University
What can I request :
Journal articles, Book chapters, Thesis chapters
How many :
Up to 5 requests / person/ time
How long :
approximately 1-3 days (in normally cases)
Service charge :
it is the responsibility of the user to provide;
  1. Download articles from Regional Medical School Libraries (Med KKU, Med PSU) are free of charges
  2. Download articles from others libraries (except Med KKU, Med PSU libraries) are 20 THB per article
  3. A scan and electronically delivery is 3 THB per page fee
  4. A photocopy and mail delivery is 2 THB per page + transfer fee (rate depend on the Thailand Post Office)
How to make a request : (For the Library’s full service)
The user can login and place a request by filling the Article Request Service Form at the library website. If you do not have an account, please register. Your information will be verified and send back to you ASAP.
Article Request Service related inquiries can be directed to
+66-053-935207 or,

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