Benefits from BioMed Central Membership

If you are looking for a journal to publish your paper, BioMed Central journals may be a good choice.

About BioMed Central

BioMed Central is a STM publisher with a large portfolio of peer-reviewed open access journals. BMC journals span all areas of biology, medicine and health, including broad interest titles such as BMC Biology and BMC Medicine alongside specialist journals, such as Malaria Journal and BMC Infectious Diseases.

All original research articles published are made freely accessible online immediately upon publication. Authors retain the copyright to their work, licensing it under the Creative Commons Attribution License which allows articles to be re-used and re-distributed without restriction, as long as the original work is correctly cited.

What are the benefits?

Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University is a Supporter Member of BioMed Central. This means that all affiliated researchers and graduate students of the faculty will receive 15% discount on article-processing charges when they publish in any BioMed Central or Springer Open journal.

Choose from nearly 500 journals in the BioMed Central and SpringerOpen portfolios
Many BioMed Central & SpringerOpen journals have Impact Factors, and publishing open access means your manuscript will benefit from high visibility and an international readership
Convenient online manuscript submission, fast and thorough peer review, no space constraints or color figure charges

How can I access BMC journal listing?

All journals sorted in alphabetical order can be found here:

Follow the following steps to submit your manuscript

 Step to submit your manuscript
 Step 1: At BioMed Central homepage:, go to journals page
 Step 2: At journals page, choose the journal which you would like to submit your papers to. After you have selected the journal (for example, BMC Medicine), click on “submit a manuscript”
 Step 3: You will be directed to the author login page. . If you do not have an account for this selected journal yet, you would need to register for one.
 Step 4: At “ Author Main Menu” of selected journals, you can proceed step by step by clicking on “submit a manuscript”.
 Step 5: At Publication Charges page, the discounted APC will be reflected automatically if you are submitting within our IP range. However, if you are not submitting within our IP range, please be reminded that you would have to select “I believe that I am covered by an institutional membership arrangement and wish to request institutional payment or discount” and select “Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Medicine” from the dropdown list to receive the 15% discount.
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