Postgraduate Programs

Offering Degree:

Master of Sciences I Doctor of Philosophy


Research fund up to 200,000 THB I Tuition fee* I
Living cost* I Conference* I Publication*
* Subject to terms and conditions

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Postgraduate Unit,
Education Service Section,
Faculty of Medicine,
Chiang Mai University
Tel : +6653935264-5

E-mail :  Facebook : @postgradmedcmu

Departmentof Obstetrics and gynecology

Research topics for post-graduate courses at the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, include Maternal and Fetal Medicine (MFM), Obstetric Ultrasound, Fetal Echocardiography, Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis in particular Down Syndrome and Thalassemia, Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT), Genetic Counseling, Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology, Cancer Screening, Biomarkers, Reproductive Medicine (RM), Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), Clinical Embryology, Human Genetics, Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), Advanced Molecular Biology, Menopause, Family Planning, Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD), Endometriosis, Laparoscopic Surgery and Urogynecology

Tel. +6653935554

Clinical Medical Sciences

Our program will provide the opportunity to focus on the translation of medical scientific discoveries into the application of therapies, treatments, diagnosis and prevention of the diseases. The main objective of this program is to encourage medical doctors to have a high capability to raise medical research questions and uncovering new knowledge that will directly advance patient care. The program’s faculty includes clinicians, researchers and preclinical Professors will provide students an understanding of the relevance of basic biomedical science to human disease through an exploration of the foundations of translational and
clinical research and through interactions with medical practitioners.

Tel. +6653935264

Department of Anatomy

The main researches are focusing on both of the macroanatomy and the microanatomy for clinical applications such as analyses of bones for personal identificatio and the effects of herbal extracts on cellular tissue and organ system levels. The studies of chromosomal aberrations from human amniotic fluid cells, molecular biology of stem cells, and neuronal networks involved in dementia are of our interests


Department of Microbiology

Four-cored research fields in our departments are immunology, virology, bacteriology, and mycology. Research areas conducting in the department comprise both basic and applied research in the rapidly growing fields of medical microbiology and immunology. Our main research topics include viral gastroenteritis, Dengue vaccine development, AIDS-related mycoses, antibiotic resistance in bacteria, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases such as Legionella pnuemophila and Streptococcus suis, gut microbiota and immune
system, and probiotics in medical applications.

Tel. +6653935332

Department of Biochemistry

The focusing research areas rely on basic biochemistry for medical applications in order for understanding disease mechanisms such as cancer, osteoarthritic diseases, and metabolic syndromes. Basic biochemical toxicology and carcinogenesis, drug delivery, and cosmetics are additional fields of research in our department. Together, exploration for treatments and preventions of the diseases in combination between medicinal plants and modern medicines has also been carried out in our department.

Tel. +6653935325

Department of Parasitology

The majority researches conducted in the biology, taxonomy, genetic and controlling of insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, and flies, including molecular studies on parasites. Development of medicinal plant products for prevention and control of parasites and insect vectors of medical importance has also been investigated. Our researches also concentrated on serological and molecular diagnoses diseases caused by parasites and analyses of flies microanatomy and forensic entomology.

Tel. +6653935342

Department of Pharmacology

Our department provides Master and Ph.D. degree in Pharmacology. Graduate students take coursework in basic and advanced pharmacology, including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, molecular pharmacology, and pharmacogenetics. Researches at our department are divided into three units, which are Clinical research unit, Animal research unit, and Cell & Molecular Pharmacology unit. Our researches focus extensively on medicinal plants and alternative medicines. However, other research aspects relating to proteomics, DNA recombinant technology, and meta-analysis are also active in our department.

Tel. +6653935353

Department of Community Medicine

The researches aim at establishing novel health care strategies for Thai citizens. The main people to whom our department is paying attention are with chronic diseases, infectious diseases, narcotics, and elderly age. Also the researches for managing environmental problems and occupational health science in order to understanding the risk as well as the threatening factors influencing health of Thai citizen.

Tel. +6653935472

Toxicology Unit, Department of Forensic Medicine

The researches ongoing at Toxicology Unit include basic toxicology and applied toxicology. Our main projects involve forensic toxicology (narcotics and drugs),
environmental and occupational toxicology (pesticides and heavy metals, analytical toxicology (HPLC, GC-MS), and animal/plant toxins (venoms and mushrooms). We also study the effects of herbal medicines on toxicity prevention.


Tel. +6653935432

Department of Radiology

The researches in our department are intensively focusing on the controls and applications of radiation. Radiotherapy for cancer treatments, preventive systems of radiation exposure during medical utilization, quality control systems, innovations of nuclear medicine have been being developed in our department. Moreover, radioisotope remnants in patients who received diagnoses-involved radiations as well as radiotherapy have been closely investigated.

Tel. +6653935452

Department of Physiology

The multidisciplinary researches at our department aim for systemically understanding human bodies in both normal physiological and abnormal conditions. Comprehensive researches are conducted at the molecular, cellular, systemic, and holistic levels with an ultimate goal for practical applications in the disease preventions treatments.

Tel. +6653935362